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Pain reduction after 10 treatments for knee, back and shoulder pain and migraine before treatment and after 3 and 6 months. Published in Medical Acupuncture, USA, 2007.

Pilot Study of the Clinical Equivalence of Laser Needle to Metal Acupuncture Needle in Treating Musculoskeletal Pain

Peter T Dorsher MS, MD
Mayo Clinic Florida


For subjects with knee and shoulder arthritis, metal needle VAS was 5.9 while Laserneedle VAS was 3.1 (mean difference 2.8, P<0.001 single tail). For subjects with spine pain, the metal needle VAS was 3.7 while Laserneedle VAS was 2.95 (mean difference 0.75, P<0.074). 9/10 subjects with joint arthritis reported more efficacy with Laserneedle and the other found it equally efficacious. 10/20 spine pain subjects reported more pain relief efficacy with Laserneedle, and another 6 found the interventions equally efficacious. No complications from the laser treatment were noted.


This prospective, crossover cohort study of subjects with chronic musculoskeletal pain demonstrates that metal and laser acupuncture needles have clinical equivalence in reducing pain, and that patients (especially those with shoulder and knee arthritis) report preference for laser needle treatments.

Interstitial and intra-articular therapy:

Interstitial spine treatment:

Pain before (5,45°)
Pain after 7 treatments (2,55 °)
* on a visual analogue scale (VAS)

Intra-articular shoulder treatment:

Pain before (6,20°)
Pain after 7 treatments (2,80 °)
*on a visual analogue scale (VAS)

Dermatological treatment (photodynamic therapy) of a basal cell carcinoma:

Before treatment

After treatment

Internal laser therapy:

Published in DZA, 3 / 2007